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Sky Germany brings HD channels to iPad

Sky Deutschland has revealed plans to add HD channels to its sports app for the iPad. From the start of October the German pay-TV broadcaster will allow subscribers to view Sky Sport HD 1 and Sky Sport HD 2 on Apple’s tablet.

Subscribers will be able to follow Sky’s live coverage of all domestic games of the Bundesliga while they are on the go. Brian Sullivan, CEO of Sky Deutschland said “The Sky Sport iPad app was a true innovation when it was launched last June for the World Cup”. He added “Now with the addition of our Sky Sports HD channels we are once again bringing our customers a world first – taking the fantastic viewing experience of Sky HD out of the home and putting it right in their hands, wherever they want to watch.”

As well as Sky Sport 1, Sky Sport 2, the app also provides live-streaming of Sky Bundesliga and Sky Sport Austria. In addition to the Bundesliga coverage, Sky’s sports channels will show games from the Champions League, DFB Cup, Europa League and international football such as the English Premier League. Other sports included are golf, ice-hockey, tennis and other sports.

The sports app in HD is available free to subscribers who have already signed up for Sky Sport or Sky Bundesliga in connection with HD. As an introductory special offer, all Sky subscribers will be able to use the app for free for the remainder of 2010.

Conspiracy Theories and the Digital Switchover

It’s an interesting coincidence. Today is the ninth anniversary of the outrage that was the September 11 attacks. At the same time I’ve come across a couple of articles questioning the reason behind the current digital switchover now taking place and how it might be used towards violent ends. I’m not convinced this would happen, but its worth a thought.

The reasoning is that digital TV can be manipulated by the broadcaster. Just as we can use Photoshop to ‘air-brush’ digital images or can edit digital video footage it is suggested that it would be equally easy to manipulate a live image. And how would this be used?

The belief is that this ability would be used by unscrupulous broadcasters and governments to show you what they want you to see on TV. For instance, you could end up watching, a terrorist attack that isn’t actually taking place. This footage could then be used as justification for retaliation. All this is very dangerous stuff.

Like I said I’m not taken in. At least not yet. Even if this is possible, it would take quite an effort to cover-up in a free society. And in a dictatorship the authorities probably wouldn’t feel the need to bother about being so clever, having no voters to answer to. So, for now we can probably rest easy and enjoy all the new channels and HD quality digital TV is bringing our way.

Further opinions about these theories can be found at The Truth & The Light Ministries.

Samsung soon to launch Android HDTV sets?

It has been confirmed that, in response to moves by Sony, Apple and other manufacturers, Samsung is testing out Android on its HDTV sets. Although Samsung is world leader in HDTVs being sold, they aren’t taking in chance and are looking for ways to retain this positions. But, will Android be the answer?

Reports about Samsung including Android in its TVs nothing new. Back in April it was speculated that they may looking into developing Google TVs incorporating Android. At the same time Samsung was carrying out a feasibility study on the business case for Google television.

Considering previous form, it seems that Samsung is serious about using Android. It announced that it has already shipped over a million Android-based Galaxy S smartphones, and plans to release another Galaxy S smartphone, the Samsung Fascinate, later this week.

With so much activity involving the Android OS, it would be no surprise if consumers are soon offered Samsung Android-based HDTV sets in stores nationwide.