It has been confirmed that, in response to moves by Sony, Apple and other manufacturers, Samsung is testing out Android on its HDTV sets. Although Samsung is world leader in HDTVs being sold, they aren’t taking in chance and are looking for ways to retain this positions. But, will Android be the answer?

Reports about Samsung including Android in its TVs nothing new. Back in April it was speculated that they may looking into developing Google TVs incorporating Android. At the same time Samsung was carrying out a feasibility study on the business case for Google television.

Considering previous form, it seems that Samsung is serious about using Android. It announced that it has already shipped over a million Android-based Galaxy S smartphones, and plans to release another Galaxy S smartphone, the Samsung Fascinate, later this week.

With so much activity involving the Android OS, it would be no surprise if consumers are soon offered Samsung Android-based HDTV sets in stores nationwide.