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Samsung soon to launch Android HDTV sets?

It has been confirmed that, in response to moves by Sony, Apple and other manufacturers, Samsung is testing out Android on its HDTV sets. Although Samsung is world leader in HDTVs being sold, they aren’t taking in chance and are looking for ways to retain this positions. But, will Android be the answer?

Reports about Samsung including Android in its TVs nothing new. Back in April it was speculated that they may looking into developing Google TVs incorporating Android. At the same time Samsung was carrying out a feasibility study on the business case for Google television.

Considering previous form, it seems that Samsung is serious about using Android. It announced that it has already shipped over a million Android-based Galaxy S smartphones, and plans to release another Galaxy S smartphone, the Samsung Fascinate, later this week.

With so much activity involving the Android OS, it would be no surprise if consumers are soon offered Samsung Android-based HDTV sets in stores nationwide.

Hybrid HDTV/monitors from Samsung – 30 and 90 Series

All things considered, there isn’t much difference between the average HDTV and the standard computer monitor. Typically, computer monitors have LCD screens while HDTVs are often similar, but with added technology. The TVs have the advantage of being, more often, bigger. Meanwhile computer monitors have superior resolution. However. at the end of the day, the main difference is that the HDTV has a TV tuner.

The latest Samsung 90 and 30 Series Monitors are both HDTV and computer monitor. While having their main use use as computer monitors, they have been designed with built-in HDTV tuners, allowing you to check out TV offerings. These are as much  HDTV as they are monitors.

Each display is equipped with HDMI inputs, letting you connect your video game console or BluRay player to it with ease. And with Samsung’s Connectshare feature, there is  added USB multimedia functionality: by plugging in your memory stick, camera or PMP you can watch the video content without your computer being switched on.

The 90 Series will be released in the USA next month prices at around $419.99, while the 30 Series will cost from $269.99.

Apple HDTV in the next few years?

Recent reports suggest that Apple may be planning it own High Definition TV as early as 2012.

That is, according to analyst company Piper Jaffray, as reported by Apple Insider. Gene Munster believes that a fully fledged HDTV will be released from Apple sometime around 2012 to 2014.

The much discussed Apple TV low cost set top box, with limited storage and access to an app store, is thought to be a logical springboard towards HDTV production.

Munster predicts an Apple HDTV including an iTunes TV pass (demanding a monthly subscription?).  This could be used to stream movies, games, and basically incorporate your console, satellite box and Blu-ray player all in the same unit.

It’s a bold vision of the future, particularly in light of the fact that he sees the HDTV selling for around $2000 (with the iTunes subscription costing a further $50 to $100 per month).

Samsung 3D LED HDTV – 3D viewing in the home

Reports from the Philippines suggest that top TV manufacturers are preparing for what could be the next technology craving, 3D LED HDTV.

The new Samsung LED HDTV Samsung has been undergoing consumer testing. Samsung’s “turn on tomorrow” campaign has seen their LED C7000 HDTV given out for 2 week trials. And, so far the results are very positive. As on trial subject said “I hardly turned it off after that. The 40-inch Samsung LED C7000 HDTV easily eclipsed my own LCD TV in terms of size and features.” It has been described as “a truly immersive 3D viewing experience”.

The Samsung LED C7000 is the first in this year’s LED TV line-up. Higher models are scheduled to be released later this year, all including the company’s proprietary built-in 3D processor and emitter that is designed for compatibility with multiple 3D standards, including half and full HD resolution and the Blu-ray Disc Association-approved Blu-ray 3D standard. All of this means that Samsung’s 3D system  delivers images using a full color spectrum for an immersive viewing experience.

Having 3D TV to watch at home is a new form of luxury. And its not cheap. The 40-inch C7000 costs P169,900, and the 46-inch model has a price of P199,900.  These prices tell us that 3D TV is not going to be available to everybody just yet. But for anyone who loves 3D TV and has enough money to spare this could be the ideal way of buying into a 3D world without having to leave home.