Digital Switchover

By the end of 2012 all TV in Britain will be provided using digital signals. This will require a series of changes from the current situation which will take place region by region and is known as the digital switchover. When complete, everyone in the UK will have to watch digital television.

When your region ‘goes digital’ you will need to make sure that your TV can receive digital signals. If your current set-up lets you watch more than five channels, it is more than likely that you’re digital already. Otherwise, you will need to replace it with a new HD TV or adapt it by attaching a digital set-top box. This applies to all TV sets VCRs and DVD recorders.

Most of Wales and parts of Scotland and England have experienced a  successful rollout of this service, and the digital switchover continues at a pace.

When does digital switchover happen for me?
The UK has been split by TV region and each has a timetable for switchover:

* Anglia – starts 30 March 2011
* Border – completed
* Central – starts 30 March 2011
* Channel Islands – 17 November 2010
* Granada – completed
* London – 2012
* Meridian – 2010
* STV Central – 13 October 2010
* STV North – completed
* Tyne Tees – 2012
* UTV – 2012
* Wales – completed
* West – completed
* West Country – completed
* Yorkshire – 2011

If you want to have access to digital programming before these dates you will need to contact one of the HD providers mentioned in this site, including SKY HD and Virgin.