HD Providers

So, you’ve bought your nice new HD TV. Will all your TV viewing now be in high definition? Not yet. You will need to access the HD channels supplied by your satellite broadcaster (e.g. Sky HD) or cable TV company (e.g. Virgin Media). Other HD providers include Freesat, Freeview HD and BT Vision.

What channels are avilable?
As time goes by, more and more HD channels are becoming available. Established broadcasters  such as Sky have a wide selection of  packages, all including HD options. Freesat also offer an extensive range of channels, centred around established BBC and ITV channels. And more recently other HD providers have been getting in on the scene, such as BT Vision and Virgin Media, both offer HD channels developed by Sky, BBC and ITV.

The HD Providers

With many dedicated HD packages, Sky claims to have the widest range of HD channels in the UK.

Virgin Media
Probably Sky’s closest competitor, Virgin Media has HD offerings including movies, sport and entertainments packages.

BT Vision
As part of its cable offering BT Vision offers HD channels as part of their offering.

With the option of Freeview HD views can access free HD TV channels after buying the Freeview HD receiver. Find out more about Freeview HD.

Freesat HD offers entertainment, movies, sport and nature channels in HD.