TV Screen Size

There is a huge variety of TV screen size available to buy. Starting from below 20 inches up to and above 60 inches, there is a vast variety of sizes to choose from.

Choosing TV screen size

There is always the temptation to buy the TV with the biggest screen size. However, before parting with money you need to think about the size of the room where you hope to put your TV.

Viewing distance
When watching old-style TVs viewing distance typically doesn’t matter. Few people having anything bigger than a 32 inch screen and we are usually all happy to sit at roughly the same distance from the screen.

Modern flat-screen TVs are made up of lots of tiny square pixels packed tightly together in a grid. These pixels emit light of different intensities and colours to produce the picture. Sitting too close to a large screen you will be able to distinguish individual pixels, but if you move too far away the picture will seem to lose detail. Somewhere between these two extremes will be the distance that provides a smooth picture.

So we¬† have two problems to avoid – buying a HD TV that is too small and may lack detail and Paying for a TV with a screen so large we can’t sit far enough from it to get a decent picture.

Picture quality
Depending on how you receive your TV, aerial, cable or Satellite, the quality of picture will vary.

Freeview provides pictures with 576 lines. This compares with 1080 from other channels on SKy and Virgin. On a standard TV this won’t matter. However on an HD TV the High Definition pictures will provide better detail and more pleasurable viewing, and viewing distance can be reduced.

Optimum viewing distance
Optimum viewing distance for HD television is between 1.5 to 4 times the screen width.

TV screen size and your room
Smaller TV (up to 26 inches) are usually more suitable for bedrooms and small rooms, but too small for the main living room. Conversely a larger TV screen size is preferred if the whole family are goingto be watching, but will probably be too big for smaller bedrooms.

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