Recent reports suggest that Apple may be planning it own High Definition TV as early as 2012.

That is, according to analyst company Piper Jaffray, as reported by Apple Insider. Gene Munster believes that a fully fledged HDTV will be released from Apple sometime around 2012 to 2014.

The much discussed Apple TV low cost set top box, with limited storage and access to an app store, is thought to be a logical springboard towards HDTV production.

Munster predicts an Apple HDTV including an iTunes TV pass (demanding a monthly subscription?).  This could be used to stream movies, games, and basically incorporate your console, satellite box and Blu-ray player all in the same unit.

It’s a bold vision of the future, particularly in light of the fact that he sees the HDTV selling for around $2000 (with the iTunes subscription costing a further $50 to $100 per month).