All things considered, there isn’t much difference between the average HDTV and the standard computer monitor. Typically, computer monitors have LCD screens while HDTVs are often similar, but with added technology. The TVs have the advantage of being, more often, bigger. Meanwhile computer monitors have superior resolution. However. at the end of the day, the main difference is that the HDTV has a TV tuner.

The latest Samsung 90 and 30 Series Monitors are both HDTV and computer monitor. While having their main use use as computer monitors, they have been designed with built-in HDTV tuners, allowing you to check out TV offerings. These are as much  HDTV as they are monitors.

Each display is equipped with HDMI inputs, letting you connect your video game console or BluRay player to it with ease. And with Samsung’s Connectshare feature, there is  added USB multimedia functionality: by plugging in your memory stick, camera or PMP you can watch the video content without your computer being switched on.

The 90 Series will be released in the USA next month prices at around $419.99, while the 30 Series will cost from $269.99.