Reports from the Philippines suggest that top TV manufacturers are preparing for what could be the next technology craving, 3D LED HDTV.

The new Samsung LED HDTV Samsung has been undergoing consumer testing. Samsung’s “turn on tomorrow” campaign has seen their LED C7000 HDTV given out for 2 week trials. And, so far the results are very positive. As on trial subject said “I hardly turned it off after that. The 40-inch Samsung LED C7000 HDTV easily eclipsed my own LCD TV in terms of size and features.” It has been described as “a truly immersive 3D viewing experience”.

The Samsung LED C7000 is the first in this year’s LED TV line-up. Higher models are scheduled to be released later this year, all including the company’s proprietary built-in 3D processor and emitter that is designed for compatibility with multiple 3D standards, including half and full HD resolution and the Blu-ray Disc Association-approved Blu-ray 3D standard. All of this means that Samsung’s 3D system  delivers images using a full color spectrum for an immersive viewing experience.

Having 3D TV to watch at home is a new form of luxury. And its not cheap. The 40-inch C7000 costs P169,900, and the 46-inch model has a price of P199,900.  These prices tell us that 3D TV is not going to be available to everybody just yet. But for anyone who loves 3D TV and has enough money to spare this could be the ideal way of buying into a 3D world without having to leave home.